Advisory board

Advisory Board - USA
Dr. Iren Omo-Bare Dr. Iren Omo-Bare: He holds a PhD in Political Science from Louisiana State University. From the age of 11, he attended boarding schools in England and started college at the University of London. He is currently a political science professor at Millsaps College in the United State of America. He has played a great role in Isaro Foundation since the very beginning. He is the academic adviser of the founder of Isaro Foundation at Millsaps College.
Dr. David Davis Dr. David Davis: He holds a PhD from Northwestern University. His field work in northern Ghana in East Africa led him to write a dissertation on the lungsi drummers and their role in preserving oral traditions of the Mamprusi. His high interest in the improvement of education in Africa led him to accept to be the adviser of Isaro Foundation on Millsaps College Campus.
Mr. Kevin Blackwell Mr. Kevin Blackwell: He is a graduate of Millsaps College. He currently lives in Connecticut State with his wife, Tina Blackwell, his daughter Clara Blackwell and his son Wesley Blackwell. He provided a big support to Isaro Foundation. The Founder of Isaro Foundation once told journalists: “Kevin Blackwell is like the co-founder of this foundation, I don’t know if Isaro Foundation would have existed without the emails exchange we had back and forth right before I announced the foundation was born”.
Ms. Fatima Mukunde She is a mother of one child and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. After realizing how many books are left unused here in United State, she had a vision of collecting books for her old primary school (E.P.A). "I never got a chance to act on it until I came across Isaro Foundation and realized that together we can make that dream come true. I am happy to join force s with those who believe that improving reading and writing can empower our new generation." she pointed out.
Mrs. Alice Cyusa She is a Rwandan mother of 4 children living in Indiana state, USA. She was among first Rwandan mother who appreciated the initiative of Isaro Foundation. In a meeting she pointed out “I wonder why other people who have been living abroad for such a long time had never noticed a need of such a foundation. I am proud of these young men and ladies for their great achievement in creating and managing Isaro Foundation”. She is the President of Rwanda Diaspora Global Network since 2014.
Advisory Board - Rwanda
<....>Mr. Bizimana Hamiss He is the Director in Charge of Rwandan Prime Minister’s Office Management. Bizimana Hamiss has been involved in Rwandan education since 2002. He started as a language teacher, then became a part lecturer at the Higher Institute of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (ISAE) and ended up in the office of the Minister of education as advisor in 2011. He joined Isaro Foundation Advisory Board in June 2012 when he was Advisor to the Minister of Education
Fr. Okwadha Dominic Fr. Okwadha Dominic: He is among the most passionate priests about education. He has played a great role in Rwandan education both as a teacher and a priest. He is currently at Remera parish where he helps Rwandan students get the chance to continue their secondary education in Kenya. On January 1st, 2012, during the morning mass, he presented Isaro Foundation projects and goals to Remera Parish Christians. “His support to Isaro Foundation Rwanda is incomparable” the Chief Operating Officer of Isaro Foundation pointed out.
Mr. Eric Bright Mr. Eric Bright: He is a passionate Rwandan writer. Eric Bright speaks and can write 5 languages: Ikinyarwanda, English, Français, Swahili and Español. As he said when he joined Isaro Foundation, his dream is that Isaro Foundation brings something revolutionary to Rwandan education, especially in the field of reading and writing. He is actually in Rwanda where he works with the Rwanda based committee.
Mr. Niringiyimana Innocent Mr. Niringiyimana Innocent: He is one of the judges at Primary courts in Rwanda. Before joining the judiciary system he had served as a teacher for 5 years at Ndera Minor Seminary and as the assistant lecturer of Latin at the Emmanuel Community in Kigali. He holds an A1 level degree in Philosophical Studies and a Bachelors’ degree in law from Kigali Independent University. "His experience in Rwandan education and dedication to improve Rwandans’ reading and writing skills are valuable assets to the Isaro Foundation" Jean Leon Iragena pointed out on Innocent’s nomination in the advisory board on May 9th, 2013.