Executive committee

Executive Committee
Chief Executive Officer: Jean Leon Iragena, He holds a Bachelor of science with a double major in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Millsaps College, the top-ranked school in the south of the USA. He founded the Isaro Foundation when he was a sophomore at the same school in 2011. He is a writer who likes community service. In 2011 after attending the 9th Rwandan National Dialogue, along with other members of the Rwandan diaspora, he was received by the President of Rwanda and first lady in Village Urugwiro. He is passionate about promoting Rwandan education, especially among the youth. Since 2011 until 2014, he was commissioner of knowledge transfer and then of youth and culture in the Rwandan Diaspora.
Chairman: Ken Blackwell He is a senior Vice President and Chief Architect, CA Technologies Inc. Ken is a entrepreneur and technologist. He was founder and CTO of Bristol Technology, Inc., a software company that was sold to Hewlett-Packard in 2007. He currently oversees software architecture at CA Technologies, the leading IT Management software vendor in the world. Ken is also a frequent missionary to Rwanda with particular focus on the area around Bigogwe in northwest Rwanda. Ken serves on the advisory board of Isaro Foundation focusing on governance and fundraising.
Vice Chairman: Eden Ben Shami He is an Alumnus of Hendrix College in Arkansas state in the United States of America. He was born and raised in Kicukiro District in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali. His dream is to travel around all the 7 continents of the planet. He also plans to do research in his area of study. He believes students can only be academically successful if they read.
Chief Audit Executive: Janet Akayenzi Janet Akayenzi is a 2014 alumna of Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. She is majoring in environmental sciences and studies. "I would like to pursue a career in environmental policy and management, and social justice" she pointed out. She believes that Rwanda needs great readers and writers which is the reason why she joined her colleagues in Isaro Foundation.
Advisor: Queen Wamungu She was born a Rwandese. She is the first born and only girl in a family of 2. She is a 2014 alumna Briar Cliff University, in USA (Sioux City- Iowa. She did nursery school in Congo, middle school at Ecole Internationale and high school in Rwanda, at Lycée La Colombière. “I have studied biochemistry; I have always been passionate about sciences; reason why I chose to do pre-med in University, hoping to specialize myself in pediatrics. I just love children, and I hope that with the knowledge that I would have acquired, I will be able to save as many lives as possible, all over the world.” She pointed out in a short interview.
Secretary: Cerise Inganji She is a Rwandan student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Civil and Construction Engineering major. Her aim is to contribute in giving every person in Rwanda, especially the youth, an easy access to the world of reading and writing, the pillars that a nation can build knowledge and intellectualism on. She considers her efforts in Isaro Foundation to be one in a multitude of ways that she intends to develop her motherland, one that she loves and owes her strengths and motivations. She served as the French analyst of Isaro Foundation communication team for the term 2012-2013.
Treasurer: Habimana Robert He is alumnus of University of Central Arkansas (interested in Economic growth and poverty reduction in sub-Sahara African countries). He likes swimming and reading. He believes that there are three things all people should do every day: smile, think, and love.
Public Relation Officer: Thierry Y. Tuyishimire He an alumnus of Oklahoma Christian University. He is pursuing a bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering and a minor in Accounting. He attended Byimana School of Science in Rwanda for his high school education, and he is a member of the Association of Computing Machinery, Oklahoma City Chapter. Born in 1991 the Southwest suburb of Kigali city, Nyamirambo and he is now a member of the Kappa Sigma Tau Fraternity. His dream is to provide a better life style to Rwanda by designing and creating suitable tools of everyday use.
Spokesman: Rugema Yvon He is an alumnus California Baptist University where he majored in Biochemistry and molecular Biology. He loves to seek Jesus his savior beyond everything, because he knows that when he seeks him he blesses him and fulfill his dreams. In addition, he is very passionate about science. His dream is that once Rwanda develops research centers, and develops in science areas. At California Baptist University, He was awarded best chemist student, thus gaining the trust that made him work with professors helping them perform laboratory experiment. He believes that one day Rwanda will be a country that the whole world looks up. He served as the secretary of Isaro Foundation for the term 2011-2013.