Strategic Committees

Audit Committee
President: Melissa Kaze Nshuti, She is a student at Oklahoma Christian University, majoring in Finance. Her passion is making friends. "Kaze Nshuti = Welcome Friend". She says she loves and believes in God so much and she tries to be obedient to him as much as she can. She was the second born in her family. She has two wonderful brothers and one lovely sister. “If I’m who I am today, it’s because of my precious gifts from The Above, my mother and father.” She pointed out. Melissa was elected President of the Oklahoma Christian University Rwandan community for the term of 2011-2012. Her favorite Quote is:"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers." By Charles W. Eliot.
Audit Officer: Yvan Nkwaya He is from Rwanda and he grew up in Burundi. He is currently a senior studying marketing and management at University of Nebraska Lincoln. He is also a part time musician and he loves doing charity and volunteer work. He is Isaro Foundation’s representative for the Nebraska area. His job is basically to raise awareness about Isaro foundation and its projects and to get as much help and contribution as possible from the community here.
Audit Officer: Regis Ngaboyisonga Ngaboyisonga Regis is a graduate student in computer science. “I really want to invest my talents, skills, and strength in people. I want to work with people. Meeting their needs.” Says Regis.
Isaro Edition Committee
Director: Hyacinthe Kayihura Hyacinthe Umwali kayihura goes to school to Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas USA. As a child, she always admired doctors’ work, and decided to follow in their footsteps; thus she decided to be a bio-chemistry major, and she would like to become a cardiologist or an oncologist. "Studying abroad made me realize how it is very important to encourage youth to read, express their talent in writing, and to invest in everything they can. Therefore, being the director of Isaro edition within Isaro foundation helped me to contribute to the future of young Rwandans by promoting the art of reading, and writing." says Hyacinthe as for the reason why she joined Isaro. In her free time, she likes to watch movies, hangout out with friends, read books, and play volleyball.
Assistant Director: Aaron Blackwell Aaron Blackwell is an eagle scout from the state of Connecticut in the United States of America. Aaron has done many humanitarian projects in Rwanda since 2007 when he visited Rwanda for the first time. One of his projects was to build water tanks for EAV Bigogwe in the Northern province of Rwanda. He was also part of the team that started the first electronic library in Rwanda in 2012. Aaron is now pursuing a bachelors’ degree in civil engineering at Lafayette College.
Director of Isaro Excellent seeeds: Lys Kayigamba Lys Kayigamba is a Rwandan student attending De La Salle High School in Ottawa, Canada. She is among the people who joined Isaro Foundation right after its creation in 2011. As a young Rwanda who has had the chance to study in the West, she knows the highest benefits of reading and writing. Her job as the director of Isaro Excellent seeds is to organize excellent young Rwandan readers and writers.
Secretary: Robert Rugamba He is a student at Oklahoma Christian University where he is majoring in information systems. As he said, he is so glad of promoting the reading and writing culture through Isaro Foundation.
Reading and Writing for Excellence: Modeste I. Muhire He is a graduate student who majored in Civil Engineering at California Baptist University. He believes that the youth all over the world are great resources of original ideas on how to improve and develop the society. Investing in strengthening values and character of the youth gives not only a strong and a vibrant present but also guarantees a bright future.“I am part of Isaro Foundation as person of liaison in California. In encouraging the youth to read and write, Isaro foundation is training the Rwandan youth to express their ideas, and respect other people’s ideas, which is key to sustainable development.” He pointed out.
Creative Committee
President: Nicole Jabo Nicole Jabo is a nursing major student at Tyler Junior College in Texas. she believes that being part of Isaro Foundation will help her make children discover the beauty of science and the great things God has created for men in this world. "Isaro has been recognized for the success it has worked hard to accomplish, and I am blessed to be a part of the team", she said. She is the only girl and the oldest of four children. During her leisure moments, she likes to swim, play basketball and hang out with friends as something that she and her father consider as a source of energy.
Assistant Director: Jean Marie Vianney Ndayisaba Ndayisaba had always thought about what he could do for the development for his country, and he realized that reading is one of the best ways to invest in. According to him, Rwanda has no better resource than its people. "I am sure Rwanda has a better future." He said.
Communication & Publishing Committee
Chief Communication Officer:Ntagwabira Fabio He is a Rwandan Presidential scholar doing pre-pharmacy at Millsaps College. He joined Isaro Foundation in 2012. His dream is to see Rwanda emerging from developing countries to a developed country. He considers promoting reading and writing one of the ways to push Rwandan development forward. As chief communication officer, his job is to insure a good communication both inside and outside the Isaro foundation.
Webmaster: Liliane Ntaganda She is currently attending Spelman College in Atlanta, and she is highly excited to work with a foundation such as Isaro whose main goal is to help Rwandans have a bright future through education. Change begins with education, and there is no change unless we promote reading and writing in Rwanda. She always admires the quote: “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller.
French Analyst:Ishimwe Jeanne Aimable Currently undergraduate student in Belhaven University. It’s amazing how you can read just a sentence and have a clear understanding on what seemed to be a mystery. If we would provide a child with possible advanced technological methods mostly for leisure and food for body growth, we should certainly think about mind’s growth. I believe reading is the best sculptor of bright minds. Isaro Foundation made the dream real for that person out there with no access to a library or any other source. Everybody’s support through this Foundation can shape the future we desire for generations.
IT Officer: Patrick Kamongi He is a graduate student in Computer Science. His goal and contribution to Isaro Foundation is to promote reading and writing using means of technology. He is the Information Technology Officer of Isaro Foundation