Spokesman of Isaro Foundation: Mr. Masamba Intore

Masamba Butera Intore was born in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi, on June 15th, 1969. His parents are Sentore and Mukarugagi. He is the last born of nine children.
For the last 25 years MasambaIntore proved himself as a professional singer, choreographer, producer, song writer and actor. He is, if not the best, among the best Rwandan artists that have ever existed in our time.
Masamba is mostly famous for his songs that praise the Rwandan tradition and culture. Among those songs we cite “Arihe” and “Nzajya inamanande?”.Masamba believes that the initiative of Isaro Foundation is worthy of support from all people who stand for the improvement of education in Rwanda.

Activities Coordinator: Mr. Adolphe Kamichi Abagabo

Born in Kigali, Kamichi is one of the most famous Rwandan singers. Among his most popular songs we cite “warambeshye”, “ahoruzingiye” and others. Kamichi is also a journalist on a local radio called “Voice of Africa”. In order to improve his journalism professionalism, AdolpheBagabo is taking journalism classes at university.

Adult Mobilization: Uwineza Josiane (Miss Jojo)

Uwineza Josiane was born on June 30th, 1982. Known as Miss Jojo, she published many Rwandan songs that are very loved in the country of a thousand hills. She revealed that she started her music career when she was only 6. Miss Jojo is a graduate from Rwanda National University; she holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She agreed to be part of Isaro Foundation because, as a literature person, she believes that it is important that reading and writing skills be improved in Rwanda.

Youth Mobilization: Karangwa Lionel (Lil G)

Lil G is the most famous young Rwandan singer. He goes to APE Rugunga where he is following his high school studies in History, Economics and Geography. Lil G’s most popular songs are “Nimbaumugabo”, “AcaBrague”, “Umunsimukuru”, “Ndagushimiraft Liz”, “Agaciro” and others. Lil G appreciated the idea of the creation of Isaro Foundation. He also pointed out that the founder of Isaro Foundation is his best friend. “He is like my elder brother” he pointed out in an exclusive interview with local journalists.