About Us

"How do you know if you’re a writer?
Write something every day for two weeks, then stop, if you can.
If you can’t, you’re a writer.
And no one, no matter how hard they may try,
will ever be able to stop you from following your writing dreams..."

Isaro Edition is a department of Isaro Foundation. Our main goal is to work closely on the field with students. We mainly do 3 things: choosing which schools Isaro Foundation should donate books to, organizing reading and writing competitions and directly work with Isaro Foundation reading and writing clubs in schools.

For the moment, Isaro Foundation has been able to donate books to 106 different schools in Rwanda. We have been able to organize a training for 30 teachers and have been able to donate 100,000 books to schools and students.

We are now organizing different reading and writing competitions in schools.

To contact us: isaroedition@isarofoundation.org