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Publishing writing is one of the goals of Isaro Foundation. The foundation receives and grades various writings from Rwandan primary and high school students. Among all the writing submitted, the Isaro Edition committee chooses the most outstanding and publishes them.

We also do publish writing from different writers and scholars. To send us a writing, email us at

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You are my Valentine
By Izabayo Leon Blaise Love me tender; Love me sweet. Never let me go I have been to shy But today I will make my longings bLow Trust me today I will be your pillow This is the day I have been waiting for A glass of wine on the table A red rose near you hands And my hands (...) Read more
I am sorry I must confess
I would do anything for you Anything to keep you a way from harm I would burn cities down To hold you in my arm I have had stories That you are the watercress I dont know how it happened , I am sorry I love you i must confess I promise you I wont harm you But loving you I cant (...) Read more
Have You Been Wondering
By Izabayo Leon Blaise I have been writing your name like a song in the heart I have been singing it now and then I go on and cry Our Mother our home Land of white bears Land of Pyrenean Land that give us birth and blessings I have been wondering why do we call ourselves legends While (...) Read more
They Are Wrong
By Izabayo Leon Blaise On my way to the market I met a girl, a girl with a natural beauty Only her smile made me fall in love with her They say that love is blind But I am not a believer Because I saw her with my heart open What makes us human What makes us fell alive Is that we (...) Read more
Morning Sunshine
By Izabayo Leon Blaise Good morning, beautiful, You are the most perfectly amazing person I have ever met, Nobody will ever be better than you, Your smile is one of the greatest things God ever made, He made you and said I made perfection. I believe nobody will ever be as beautiful as (...) Read more
Life with troubles: Part 3
One day I decided to escape but I had no where to go. I passed through the window and climbed over the gate. I kept on running and running as if something was after me. I met an old woman and asked her where she was from. She told me that she was from Gisenyi near Lake Kivu. I fired another (...) Read more
Life with troubles: Part 2
“We are sorry for the results, your mother didn’t make it; she is now dead.” He said with a sort sad voice. I started crying and my body shook like a leaf in storm. Sometimes, you don’t get what you expected in yourself because there is a reason but for me I didn’t know that. Kyle became angry (...) Read more
Life with troubles: Part 1
The sun was shining on the porch where I sat with my mother weaving a mat. “It is not done like that, just move your hands slowly” my mother said. “Thanks mom.” I said back. I started weaving very well and my mother burst into laughter because she was surprised of how I learnt so quickly. She (...) Read more
Becoming myself
When you are young ,you depend on somebody’s choice You always have limits There is always caring people who told you how and where to pay attention You can’t go or do anything for your own you always ask for permission. BUT There is a time which come and all change You learn how (...) Read more
My heart speaks
I have been away alone, Thinking about the time gone , Wondering why people were prone, Using fight as a crown, As if they were not grown. I did not understand How nustness could be that infectious How someone could be that vicious How the world could turn that mysterious Life was (...) Read more
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