Isaro Edition

1.Promote writing skills

Isaro Foundation encourages young Rwandans to write in their every day’s life. The foundation receives and grades various writings from Rwandan primary and high school students. The winners are awarded various prizes, like books, money or other things that may interest children in order to reinforce them in this career.

2.Promote reading skills

This is the main reason of the existence of the present website, a website where children will find short stories and essays their colleagues would have written. Students will not only get hooked by finding their colleagues and friends’ writing on this website, but they will also get the chance to read them and so improve their reading skills. We know that all young Rwandans would not be able to have a daily access to the internet, the reason why the edition will have a magazine called Isaro which will have all the short stories and essays in it. The magazine will be published on a trimester’s basis.

3.Publishing Books

Later the edition plans on publishing books as well. We do not only encourage young Rwandans to write short writings, we want them to be great book writers as well. These books, if not given for free, will be given to students at a very low cost.