Isaro E-Libraries Project (IELP)

Isaro Electronic Libraries Project’s goal is to equip Rwandan schools and libraries with electronic libraries. This project is very innovative since it shows brand new methods of learning that not many students and adults have had the chance to be exposed to. Electronic readers are a very high tech way of reading and acquiring information both by audio or non audio listening.

This new approach hadn’t been introduced in Rwanda until Isaro Foundation and the Anglican Church of Rwanda partnered to start the first electronic library in EAV Bigogwe in July 2012.

In EAV Bigogwe, where the e-libraries were first introduced, a study was done six months after introduction to assess the usefulness of the kindles. Most feedback shows that the teachers are increasingly benefiting from these kindles since they are able to carry out more knowledgeable sessions with their students, and prepare for the classes in much shorter times, since the work is done electronically. The same applies to the students whereby they have found the kindles to be very fun and easy to use and therefore have gained a new spark of interest and passion in reading and searching for information on their own; therefore marching to the technological era and ultimate vision 2020 of their nation.

Our innovation primarily achieves great accommodation for hard copy shipping while providing the most upgraded content of information at the same time. It will also enable easy access to new advancements in science, engineering and technology that teachers and schools were not able to access due to lack of sufficient funds. It will facilitate homework assignments and develop a reading culture among students. It will also familiarize the students with new technology.

Isaro Foundation provides schools and libraries with electronic libraries, we ship the kindles, equip them with books, install them and do the maintenance after installation.

In the coming two months, we will roll out our e-library project in Kigali, called Isaro Corner Project (ICP), in partnership with the Czech Embassy to Rwanda. The Foundation plans on opening 30 new libraries in 30 districts in the next six years. Each library will contain 30 Amazon Kindles e-readers and will accommodate 150 visitors a month.

Schools and libraries that are interested can contact us

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