Isaro Foundation Donates Books to Schools in Gicumbi District

Thursday, March 4th 2015

A delegation headed by Isaro Foundation founder with the guest of honor, Honorable Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney (MP) and Dr Mutarutinya Vedaste, a professor in University of Rwanda - College of education, did a donation in four schools located in Gicumbi sector in the Northern Province. Approximately 4,000 books were to be donated as support to the schools in order to improve reading and writing culture. Students and school authorities appreciated the donation and requested further collaboration with the Isaro Foundation.

As the donation of books continued at Mulindi Secondary School, one of the school mentors, Ms Akillah, after seeing how students were excited by the books, claimed “I am very very happy for this opportunity granted to our students, it’s a good thing however on the other hand it hurts a lot to see that students are very happy to receive those books but they don’t read them. This will be much better if the thirsty you have of receiving books was the same as the one you have for reading what is written in these books “.

The Chief Executive Officer of Isaro Foundation, in an interview with the national radio, pointed out that “Isaro Foundation won’t stop providing books. We will always encourage young people so that they understand the value of reading and writing and be eager to look for the books they need, and become themselves authors. In the long run, we will not continue to just donate books to you. We want you to be good authors and write books that can compete on the international market".

The CEO of Isaro Foundation concluded by promising future support whenever it is possible in the line of Isaro Foundation mandate.

Hon. Gatabazi emphasized the importance of reading and writing in the durable development of Rwanda. "It is shocking to see that someone can finish high school, even university without reading a book" he deplored. Hon. Gatabazi added that if Rwandans want to develop themselves they have to read and know what is going on in other countries and learn from other cultures. The Rwandan member of parliament thanked Isaro Foundation and pledged advocacy and support whenever it is necessary for the successful campaign of improving reading and writing skills in the country of a thousand hills.

At the end of the visits, Isaro Foundation delegation visited ku “Mulindi w’ Intwari”, a former military camp for the liberation struggle.


Communications Officer - Isaro Foundation

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