Life with troubles: Part 1

The sun was shining on the porch where I sat with my mother weaving a mat.

“It is not done like that, just move your hands slowly” my mother said. “Thanks mom.” I said back.

I started weaving very well and my mother burst into laughter because she was surprised of how I learnt so quickly. She always told me that I’m a gift to her that no one could take me away from her because I was what she needed in her whole life.

While we were sitting there the phone started ringing.

“My girl, bring for me that phone.” she told me. I went running quickly and brought it.

“Hello my love! How are you doing my precious ones? ”My father called.

“Ooh, we are fine, we just miss you but when are you coming back?” my mother asked.

“I miss you more than you can imagine, I called to tell you that I will be back in 5 days that is on Saturday” he said. Mom became excited and jumped with happiness; she hugged me at an extent that I wouldn’t even breath and told me that Dad is coming soon.

In the morning I went to school, I wasn’t perfect in class but I was perfect on my own.

I had a happy, rich and loving family that was enough for me nothing else I needed. My mother worked in BNR (National Bank of Rwanda) as a manager and also controls my father’s industry of manufacturing soaps. My father was a soldier as well as a business man.

The interesting day came on Saturday for my father’s arrival. We prepared delicious food and decorated everywhere it was like as if it was a wedding, it has been too long like 2 years without seeing him. My mother dressed in her new black long dress and she looked like a 20 year old lady. I wore my pink dress which I liked so much because my father bought it for me on my birthday. We sat in the sitting room watching a movie called Amapingu y’urukundo.

Suddenly we heard a knock on the front door, my mother went to open thinking it was my father but as she opened she saw Kyle.

”Ooh you are welcome!! But where is my husband?” She asked nervously.
”I’m sorry to tell you this, he died during the war.” he said with a cracking voice.

Tears flew on my cheeks but as I looked in the direction where my mother was I saw her down, she had fainted and my tears stopped.

Dan immediately put her in his car and we took her to the hospital. The doctors advanced her in the operating room. We stayed outside my heart was pumping so hard and blood flowing cold all over my body. Kyle tried to cool me down but I wouldn’t hear anything I was thinking of my father’s death and my mother in a shock. We stayed in the hospital for a long time about 7 hours.

In mean time the doctor came, I was confident that my mother was fine.

To be continued


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