Life with troubles: Part 2

“We are sorry for the results, your mother didn’t make it; she is now dead.” He said with a sort sad voice.

I started crying and my body shook like a leaf in storm. Sometimes, you don’t get what you expected in yourself because there is a reason but for me I didn’t know that. Kyle became angry that he was even about to hit the doctor but thank God people who were around stopped him. He went and paid the bills and we drove back without talking to each other.

He started calling to inform our relatives of what happened. The next day he went to pick the body from the hospital for the burial. The day came for burying both of my parents, it was the worst day of my life, and it changed me, my thoughts and took my happiness away. I didn’t believe what was happening, I thought I was dreaming and wanted to wake up but I realized that it was the reality; I was now an orphan at the age of 10.

I went to live with Kyle because he was the only person that cared about what happened rather than other people who took it a simple things in life but true friends are the ones who are there for you even where you are not, the ones that are with you in any situation you are in. Kyle at that time acted as my father because he was my father’s friend. We moved to his house at Kacyiru, we first passed to a clothes shop so as to cheer me up but I was no longer the same girl that loved wearing best and new clothes so I refused to take any.

We went home and house was rife with housekeepers only not even any relative. As I entered in that house I felt a strange feeling inside me but I ignored it.

“Shadia, I want you to be who you used to be, what happened has happened and it will not change so please cheer up and take me as your father from this moment please” he said.

I didn’t reply so he directly went to his room. He was 26 years and had no wife so the house was so boring that I also went to my room which he showed me the last few minutes ago.

In the morning he took me to a new school but I was not in the mood of taking lessons so I decided to go back home and the Headmistress there called him to take me back home.

Time went on and after 5 months we were sitting outside in the compound we heard a call.

”Mr. Kyle come back your vacation is over, we have a new mission for you.” the General Commander ordered with a tough voice.

“Yes, sir I will be back by tomorrow” he said. In the early morning he packed his belongings.

“Shadia, I want you to be a brave girl and respect what these people tell you. He said.
I went to school on the next day, I didn’t have any friend because I never wanted them, I wanted to be alone because I was different from all other students. They had parents but for me I was an orphan. Everyone starred at me as if I was a total stranger. I used to sit under the big tree behind the classrooms and cry and wondered why God left me in this darkness world instead of taking me with my parents.

Kyle always called to know how I was but it was as usual. The days passed and years passed without his sight, what came in first in my thoughts was that he will not come back but after 2 years he came back. At home they had prepared for him but I was not involved because it made me remember the day that me and my mother were preparing for my father’s arrival.

We spent time together and he tried to take me out for me to forget what happened but I couldn’t forget the date of 4th march when I lost my parents even though I had now 14 years. During does years he started looking at me but I knew he just wanted to see if I’m shy and kind of a joke he told me that I grew up so much.

One day I heard him knocking at the door and he entered, he came and sat on my bed now he didn’t say a word he started coming close to me and I pushed myself behind.

” Don’t worry its fine, don’t you know that I’m your father and you must respect me?” he said.

He started caressing me and kissing, I tried to make the noise but my voice wouldn’t come out, he started ripping off my clothes and I tried to fight him but he was too strong for me do push him even an inch.

All the house keepers were sleeping and didn’t hear anything so that night he rapped me with no mercy that I was a young girl.

In the morning I stayed in my room crying, one of our house keepers called Diana came and asked me why I was crying but I didn’t say a word because he told me that he will kill me and I believed it because he had a gun in the house as he was a soldier. She went back thinking it was maybe remembering my parents.

One day he sat with all our housekeepers and I heard him saying. “I want you all to go back home because I can’t afford your salaries anymore” he said.

In the morning every one packed their belongings, at that night the same day I heard him knocking on my door but I knew what he was coming to do so I didn’t open.
“Shadia, open the door or I kill you.” he said with a tough voice. I refused because I was not afraid of dying because now I was useless; he tried to open for himself until he broke the door using his strong body muscles.

He came inside, I was scared and started shivering, Then he rapped me again but this time he hurt me so hard that I over-bled so much. He went back to his room, sometimes the people you think that are good are not instead they are the worst ones.

In the morning he brought me food that will last for the whole day and locked me in the room then I heard his car’s sound maybe he was going to work. What was embarrassing was that he worked in my father’s industry as if he was the owner. He made it a habit every time he could come from work and before doing anything else he first passed into my room and rapped me, I became a sex slave at the age 15 years.

The headmistress came to see why I was no longer coming to school then I heard him telling her that I went to my mother’s sister to live there and I tried to talk but they didn’t hear me.

To be continued


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