Life with troubles: Part 3

One day I decided to escape but I had no where to go. I passed through the window and climbed over the gate. I kept on running and running as if something was after me. I met an old woman and asked her where she was from. She told me that she was from Gisenyi near Lake Kivu.

I fired another question: “where do I have to pass to get there?”. She told me that I will get a bus to Nyabugogo then get the one to Gisenyi. I had some coins that I have saved so I got a taxi.

On reaching there I didn’t know where to pass because it was my first time to be there on my own but fear can make you jump even the tallest mountain; I asked where I can get the bus to Gisenyi and then they showed me where to get a ticket. After reaching there they asked me the money but I was left with nothing. For lucky, a woman came and asked me where I was going, I told her and she gave me her ticket because she was no longer going there. I entered the bus, the journey was long but at least I felt relaxed because now I will be far away from him. I took a sleep in the bus.

“Get out everyone” the bus driver said. As I opened my eyes it was in the darkness, I got out of the bus, I didn’t know where to head. I walked at night no knowing where I was going then I saw a bridge near me and walked so fast; when I got there I took a sleep under it but I didn’t sleep because I thought that he was coming again.

I thanked God when the sun shone brightly in the morning. I asked a passer by the direction to Lake Kivu and he showed me the way, thank God I was near there. I reached there and walked on the bank of the lake and I started picturing me and my parents playing on the showers but it was all illusions and mirages. I took some woods near and constructed a small hut as I was doing it an old man approached where I was.

”My child why are you alone?” he said. I told him that I’m an orphan, he asked me to go with him and that he will take care of me but I refused because I could not trust anyone at that moment. He went back but he looked as if he had a pity on me. Suddenly I finished making my hut even though I didn’t make it well at least I tried. I saw the other old man where he was sitting and I also approached him.
“Good afternoon sir, may I ask you something?” I asked him.

He told me that there is no problem, but first he asked me my name and I told him that my name is Shadia . He told me that he is called Christopher. I asked him how people in that place make a living; he told me that they do fishing. I thought that I was going to die from starving. For lucky, he told me that he will teach me. Then I went to my hut to take a rest; that night I slept well and I was afraid of living alone but I had no any other choice.

In the morning I went to see him so that he can start teaching me, he showed how and he gave me his fishing net. I started fishing in the morning but I didn’t get any fish for the whole day. That day I didn’t eat anything. The next day, at least I got one fish. Put it on fire and roasted it; I ate it without salt.

After a year I could get 20 fish a day, everyone nicknamed me the fish princess because I was the first to catch that amount of fish a day. I couldn’t eat all those fish so I stated selling them, the money I got I paid my school fees in the school near by. I moved alone in the world where no one to share every sorrow, where no one to greet me at the close of the day, where sunshine would come in my heart but never stayed there. I was like a lonely soul, lost in the big world and trying to find a way.

I could sit and cry. Time passed and I found a way that could clear my heart. I got a new friend, a friend that I talked to every day whenever I was happy or sad that friend was my book. I started writing my life a day by day. I could write every sorrow inside me and felt relaxed because I felt that I told it to someone. Christopher my neighbor saw how much I suffered so he insisted me to go and live with him, I had realized that he was a nice old man and could not do any harm to me so I accepted it. I changed now, I was always the first in class and all the teachers at school adored me.

To be continued


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