Morning Sunshine

By Izabayo Leon Blaise

Good morning, beautiful,
You are the most perfectly amazing person I have ever met,
Nobody will ever be better than you,
Your smile is one of the greatest things God ever made,
He made you and said I made perfection.

I believe nobody will ever be as beautiful as you,
Don’t be in my head for 24/7 or else I will end up kidnapping you,
I will keep you with me for eternity,
I’ve been smiling all day thinking of you,
I’ll put a tear in the ocean and when you find it, I’ll leave you

For what I feel for you, you have no clue
I will never make you blue
Guns don’t kill people; people kill each other
That is how you never took my heart but you also took my soul
To the world, you are but one person. To this one person, you are the world.

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