Student in US Starts foundation to help Schools in Rwanda

Jean Leon Iragena, a Rwandan student studying in the US under Rwanda’s Presidential scholarship,October 15th launched Isaro Foundation a non-profit organization to help improve reading and writing skills in Rwandan primary and high schools.

Isaro Foundation will receive different types of writings: essays, short stories, poems, from Rwandan students aged between 7 and 18. The Foundation will grade the writings and award best writers.

A student whose writing will have been selected as good will be awarded a prize which will include money. The award will be estimated between Rwf 5,000 and Rwf 10,000.

“Fluent student in writing can even benefit from this money and pay school fees for themselves” Jean Leon claimed.

What motivated him to found this Foundation, Jean Leon replied in these words: “Even if Rwanda is among the countries that spend a lot of money in education, there is still a lot to do in the reading and writing field. Rwandan students should start learning not only from classes, but also from books. I personally believe that the most precious knowledge comes from reading books. “

“There is no other way we can improve reading and writing skills in Rwanda without starting by the youngest generation. The main objective of Isaro Foundation is to improve reading and writing skills starting by young people. “

“I have been thinking about this project for about 10 months, and even if the Foundation has been already launched there is still a lot to do for it to starting operating.”

The impact of this Foundation will be improvement of reading and writing skills in Rwanda. This will be achieved through different ways including; the organization of reading and writing competitions in Rwandan primary and high schools, publication of Isaro magazine on a trimester basis and the creation of a library for students. Promoting reading and writing habits in Rwanda is not an easy task, the reason why as a motivation, we will give prizes in money so that many students can participate.”

Iragena pointed out that students will pay nothing to get Isaro Foundation’s magazine or to participate in the competitions. “We want students to benefit from Isaro Foundation’s opportunities for free.”

“It is important that the foundation gets supports from the government, non-governmental institutions and organizations and also from people who can donate to Isaro Foundation.” He added.

He continued by encouraging the Rwandan diaspora around the world and the Rwandans to help the organization achieve its non-pecuniary goals. He also mentioned that some friends of Rwanda are getting involved: “some friends of Rwanda have already shown their interest in the Foundation” Jean Leon noted.

“When I see how students here, from the kindergarten to universities invest their time shaping their reading and writing skills, it inspires me so much. For almost a year, I have been thinking how I can take that culture back home and now I have come to a durable solution. As a science major, I had never realized that the first thing I would quickly want to take back home would be reading and writing skills. However, I know it is the most needed thing in Rwandan primary and high schools. I am sure I am in the right environment, an environment where almost everyone is reader or a writer, an environment where everyone would stand up and support his or her cause. An environment where almost everyone would help young Rwandans achieve one of the things that made America a great nation. It is time to share what I have been learning here in the US with my country.”

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