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Everyone who meets the main requirement of donating at least $300 a year can join this membership. Golden members will be part of decision making. Every golden member will be awarded a golden certificate signed by the Rwandan Minister of Education..

There will be a Presidential Golden Certificate which will be awarded to everyone who donates the total amount of $1000 or more within 2 years. The Presidential Golden certificate will be signed by the President of Rwanda upon request.

This membership is composed by people who donate at least $75 a year. This membership is especially for students; high school, college and university students all over the world. However, anyone who can meet the yearly donation requirement can join.

Silver members will always receive an annual report about the foundation. There will also be a Silver Certificate which will be awarded to someone who donates the total amount of $175 within 2 years. The Silver certificate will be signed by the founder or the President of Isaro foundation.

This membership does not require a yearly donation to Isaro Foundation. People in this membership donate to the foundation depending on their income; per week, month or any other period. There is no minimum amount to donate in this category.

After joining this membership, you become apart of Isaro Foundation. You get notified by email about all our activities. You also get to participate in our surveys which specifiacally aims to improve our service to the Rwandan students.

PS: If you are in Rwanda, you can still pay for your membership on our bank Account in Bank of Kigali: USD 00048041187774 RWF 00048041187572