The main objective of Isaro Foundation is to promote reading and writing skills in Rwanda. Isaro Foundation’s main goal is to make Rwanda the most informed and educated nation in Africa.

Our main objective will be achieved through the following areas:

1. Providing reading materials to Rwandan students

Isaro Foundation is aware of the lack of books in Africa, especially in Rwanda. Yet, a real development is mainly based on education. This is the main reason why Isaro Foundation has started shipping books from the United States of America to Rwanda.

Our satisfaction will be achieved once all Rwandan students can get enough reading materials that they can freely have access to.

2. Enhancing and valuating students’ reading and writing skills

Providing reading materials is not enough for students. It is with this understanding that Isaro Foundation has created a department that is only in charge of following up the influence of the reading materials that we provide. This department called Isaro Edition organizes reading and writing competitions and also helps students to publish their different kinds of writings.

3. Empowering teachers and writers

Isaro Foundation believes that teachers and writers have a big impact in the campaign for literacy. It is in this perspective that Isaro Foundation has a partnership with the Power of the Pen, a US based organization, in order to train Rwandan teachers about creative writing every year. 2011 training took place at La Palisse Gashora Hotel with 30 participants from all 30 Rwandan districts.

We also facilitate local writers in different ways so that they encourage the youth to follow in their footsteps. We have started a fund that will fund writers who do not have means to publish their books. In 2011, we only supported a few writers to publish their books, but we do believe that we will be able to support more writers as we get enough funding.

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